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If you have a website and want to monetize it, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to do so. Affiliate marketers help companies generate traffic using links and are paid a commission for each item sold via the link. If you want to become an affiliate marketer, you need to join an affiliate program.

The amount of income that affiliate marketers earn depends on the affiliate program they choose. Best solution for Amazon seller is IO Scout, maximize your potential!
Joining an affiliate program that generates high income does not necessarily mean going for the one that offers high commission. There are many affiliate programs that one can choose from.

Some of these programs pay well but have very low conversion rates because people don’t trust them. Amazon affiliate program is among the most trusted programs that website owners use to maximize their sales.

Defining Amazon Affiliate Program

This is an Amazon affiliate marketing program that has been monetizing websites for more than 10 years now. Amazon associates create content that advertises products that are sold on Amazon’s eCommerce site. Books are the top selling item on Amazon over last 5 years. Learn more about book sales IO Scout article about selling books on Amazon is very helpful from the beginners to the professionals. In that content, they include links to specific products on the eCommerce site before sharing that content on various platforms. When customers click on the links, they are directed to the product page. Amazon associates are paid referral fees when such customers purchase products via the link.

Anyone can become an  Amazon Associate – it is pretty easy and free to join. To register as an associate, you need to create an Amazon Affiliate account and get an approval, which takes a maximum of two days.

Requirements for Creating Amazon Affiliate Accounts

To become an Amazon Affiliate , a person must meet certain requirements. According to Amazon’s Associate guidelines, one must:

  • Be a blogger or a website owner – if you do not have one, create one before submitting an application
  • Be a YouTuber – which means you should have a YouTube channel
  • Be a social media influencer – Amazon recently created an influencer program for social media influencers, which is an extension of the Amazon Associate program

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Key Benefits that Set Amazon Associates Program Apart

As an affiliate program, Amazon Associates stands out from other programs in many ways. This is because the program has several unique features that make it ideal for marketing Amazon products. Some of the key benefits that this program offers include:

Backing from a Trustworthy Brand

Amazon is a huge brand on and by itself. Customers trust Amazon and are not afraid to buy products from this eCommerce site. This trust trickles down to Amazon affiliates and is reflected in their conversion rates.

An Easy Starting Process

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is a fast and pretty forward process. After joining the program, Associates are required to use Amazon linked images, good software, widgets and a few other useful resources to start referring customers. This makes it easy for them to integrate the program with their websites or blogs

Opportunity to Earn High Commission

Generally, Amazon has high traffic with millions of customers making purchases every single day. Affiliate marketers that promote high priced products like gadgets and furniture can earn up to 15% in commissions

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Commissions on Additional Purchases

Amazon affiliates earn commissions when customers buy via their link. In addition to this commission, affiliate marketers earn additional commissions for each additional item the customers buy that is not promoted on are not promoted on the associate’s website.

Opportunity to Maximize Earnings

Amazon Associates offers affiliate marketers a chance to maximize their earnings during the festive season as people buy more during holidays. The conversion rates on their websites tend to increase significantly during these seasons.

What You Need to Succeed as an Amazon Affiliate Marketer?

If you want to succeed as an Amazon affiliate marketer, there are several things that you should have. These include:

Basic HTML Skills

Although the site does most of the work, Amazon affiliates need to have basic HTML skills such as hyperlinking, inserting images and text formatting.

A Clear Topic

Pick a topic in an area that interests you or you have expertise in. In picking the topic, consider the pain points that customers in your niche have. While reading product reviews and recommendations can be boring and exhausting, they give you insights on problems that your audience is struggling with. Creating content that provides solutions to those pain points will enable you drive traffic to your site and boost your conversion rates.

A Domain Name

To be identified on the internet, you need to choose a keyword-rich name for a domain. Opt for a domain name that is simple – one that people can remember easily. Once you have the domain name, register it and have it hosted. Find an affordable and efficient web host to host your website. Most people pay $10 per month for their web hosting but you can find providers who offer unlimited domains for as low as $4 monthly. This means you can run multiple sites in the same package.

A Blogging Software

To make blogging easy, install a blog software so that your site will be configured as needed. Most people prefer using WordPress blog because it is easy to install and use. The idea is to get a blog software that best serves your needs.

Wrapping Up

Many people have succeeded in Amazon affiliate marketing, but a significant number has also given up. The difference between those who succeed and those who fail is their business practices. Building an Amazon affiliate marketing business is not impossible, but it takes commitment and hardwork. As an affiliate marketer, you much create valuable content on a regular basis to keep your audience yearning for more.