As you are well aware, Amazon is the world’s largest marketplace that offers millions of products to choose from. It is simply impossible to keep track of all the products you are interested in and for that reason, different tools have been developed. If you are using these price trackers to help you with your FBA journey, or if you are simply looking for a bargain, you must check these apps!

Why use Amazon price watchers

If you are using Amazon price tracking app chances are you fall into these two categories:

  • You are a frequent Amazon buyer
  • You’re an FBA business ower

If you are an Amazon customer, there are plenty of reasons why keeping track of different products on Amazon is a good idea but the obvious one is saving money. While one bargain might not make a difference if you’re using Amazon to fulfill most of your needs the collective cost savings will quickly add up over the course of a month or even a year.

For FBA business owners the benefits are plentiful. You can use price trackers to find products that you can flip on Amazon using retail arbitrage, you can watch prices to extrapolate information about market trends and you can keep your tabs on your competition.

Best free and paid Amazon price watchers

Amazon Price Tracker

Digital inspiration is responsible for making one of the best apps for watching prices on Amazon out there. The app is extremely easy to use, you simply create a watchlist of products that you have a particular interest in and you set the price thresholds for each item.

Amazon Price Tracker will keep an eye on prices for you and if any product price drops below the threshold that you have set, it will send you an alert.

There are two plans to choose from:

  • Personal
  • Enterprise

track amazon prices

Personal plan costs $29 a year and it comes with a single license and a limit of up to 600 products to watch. Enterprise plan is a bit pricey, it costs $299 a year, but it comes with the source code included that will allow you to privately host the app and it will allow unlimited number of users.


Honey is a great tool that you can use not only to hunt bargains on Amazon but on more than 3.700 other sites as well including Walmart, Target, AliExpress and many others.

amazon price watch

It is a browser extension that is available on 5 of the most popular browsers and it comes with some handy features included. When you are browsing the Amazon page look for the honey orange button. Clicking on it will add the product to your Honey Droplist where you can set the highest price you’re willing to pay for the product in question.

When the price drops you will get an email that will alert you that it’s buying time!

What makes Honey truly stand out is the fact that it will search and apply all available discount codes as well as factoring in the shipping price thus giving you the lowest possible price for any product. Not to mention that it’s free.


Keepa is one of the best price tracker apps available for any reputable Amazon seller and for a good reason. While the desktop app is the most versatile one, there is also browser extension available.

While it doesn’t offer much in terms of design and looks, it shines when it comes to all the handy features it offers, such as:

  • Tracking tools 
  • Stack availability alerts
  • Historical price graphs
  • Price drops stated in dollar amounts as well as percentages
  • Price tracking on US page as well on Asian and European markets
  • Different ways of sending alerts (Facebook, Twitter, Email, Telegram, RSS feed)

amazon price tracking

Keepa is incredibly easy to use if you want to get all of the information listed you simply need to tag the product you’re interested in.

All of those features come at a price, so Keepa is a paid tool. The price of the app is $15 per month.


Camelcamelcamel is another great tool that offers amazing features without any setback to your bank account. It’s easy to use and navigate and it has a bunch of different statistics that you can use and it comes in the form of a browser extension.

It is similar to Keepa in Honey in the fact that it can show valuable product information right on the Amazon page and when the price drops below the desired threshold it will send you an alert.

amazon price check

Other features are:

  • Product tracking via URL
  • Filtering by category
  • Filtering by Amazon market page 
  • Synchronization of your wishlist

For simple buying needs using free tools is more than enough. Those price trackers have been developed with the purpose of offering you the best bargains on Amazon out there and they will certainly save you money. But, if you are deciding to make that first step on the road to your financial freedom, it’s time to turn yourself from a buyer into a seller, and for that reason you should use these apps in a whole different way. So, get your butt off the couch and start selling!