How Jungle Scout Alternatives Help Amazon Sellers Build Online Businesses

Meta Description: Wondering how using Jungle Scout Alternatives can boost your online business? Read on to discover how your online can benefit from different tools.

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Selling products on the world’s largest eCommerce platform can be overwhelming, especially when you are just getting started. 

To navigate the competitive eCommerce space, every Amazon seller needs reliable tools that enable them get the data they need to make good business decisions. One of the tools that sellers will find effective when it comes to managing their online business is Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout and Jungle Scout Alternatives 

A software designed to help sellers with item research, Jungle Scout uses chrome and web app extensions to search a large number of items on Amazon. This enables users to focus their search on items that are more likely to sell. Using filters, sellers who use Jungle Scout are able to spot and verify items that meet their search criteria on Amazon’s catalog with ease and without spending too much time. 

Even though Jungle Scout has become the most common item search tool on Amazon, there are several Jungle Scout Alternative search tools in the market that offer sellers alternative ways of searching Amazon site based on the specific needs of their business and their budget. Some popular free Jungle Scout Alternative include: 

  • Helium 10 Xray
  • Scope
  • Camelcamelcamel
  • Egrow
  • Keepa

How Jungle Scout Alternatives are Enabling Online Business Grow

The data that  free Jungle Scout Alternative can help Amazon sellers make a wide range of decisions. These include: 

Facilitating Niche or Item Research

Most free alternative to jungle scout make it easier for sellers to research the niche and items that they are interested in on Amazon. By enabling sellers to conduct an in-depth analysis of products, tools like Scope, Egrow, Helium 10 Xray and Keepa empower sellers to make better business choices which puts them on the path to success. There are several ways that jungle scout free alternative tools help sellers achieve this. These are: 

  • Providing accurate metrics and data about items and niches
  • Showing data about product and keyword search to help sellers determine product demand
  • Matching and tracking of item details 
  • Providing data on the most profitable items and niches
  • Providing users with the latest updates on items that are available on Amazon
  • Providing insights on market niches that offer the best opportunities and have potential for high growth in future

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  Improving search position on Amazon

Softwares that are similar to jungle scout also come with features that help sellers improve their search position on Amazon. A tool such as Scope helps sellers find keywords that attract high traffic so they can use them to boost their search ranking on Amazon. From the tool, sellers are able to see keywords that have the highest ranking for every product they are selling on the site. 

Establishing profit margins for different items

Before deciding on which items to sell on Amazon, sellers need to determine how profitable that product will be. Sellers who opt to use alternatives to jungle scout can find a tool that enables them to get the data they need to determine profit margins for items they are interested in. Some of the tools they can use for this include AMZ Base, Camelcamelcamel and Scope. 

One tool – AMZ Base – helps with Amazon FBA pricing by enabling sellers to calculate FBA fees that apply to the products that they choose to sell. Scope, on the other hand enables sellers to understand the product profit margins that new items could generate. As such, users are able to view data such as actual sales for each item, applicable fees and item prices. Scope also combines several parameters to help sellers identify the perfect items to sell on Amazon. These include:

  • Item reviews
  • Star ratings for the item
  • Product categories
  • Number of vendors who are selling the product
  • Item sales rank
  • Item price 

Identifying items with the highest demand

Jungle scout alternative tools also help sellers determine which products have the highest demand on Amazon. A tool like camelcamelcamel helps sellers find products that have the highest demand on Amazon. It is designed to empower users to monitor items that are most popular and interesting on the ecommerce site. AMZ Base also has an internal search function that enables users to check product listings on retail sites. With this feature, sellers are able to find the most competitive items to sell on Amazon. 

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Data is one of the resources that Amazon sellers can tap to build and grow their online businesses. While Jungle Scout is the most effective tool to provide such data, sellers who are just starting Amazon businesses might find it challenging to acquire the tool. For such sellers, there are several alternative tools that have similar features as Jungle Scout that are more affordable. With these tools, sellers can be able to get the data they need to make a wide range of decisions, such as those discussed above.