Millions of customers use Amazon to shop every day throughout the year. Amazon has a huge potential for selling your goods and generate revenues. World’s largest e-commerce store offers a platform for millions of shoppers around the world to explore and make a purchase. But sometimes, it gets really tricky to beat the competition and bring your products like into the limelight. That is why amazon seller central exist.

amazon seller central

What Is Amazon Seller Central?

Amazon seller central is the place where an amazon seller starts his journey. It is a portal from where amazon sellers control their accounts and manage inventory, orders, pricing, performance, and view product analysis. Sellers can access their seller accounts by logging into their amazon account. Click on your seller account and you will be navigated on the seller account page directly.

Amazon offers professional as well as individual seller accounts. You can choose the one according to your business type. Individual accounts are available for free however, professional accounts have monthly subscription processes.

How to Set an Account on Seller Central Amazon?

Setting up a seller account on Amazon is easy as compared to selling on the world’s largest platform. Make sure you have all of the below-mentioned information at hand before you start creating an account on seller central amazon.

1.    Name of business

2.    Tax information

3.    Billing/ deposit information

4.    Seller information

5.    Seller agreement

6.    Plan you want to opt

7.    Address

8.    Contact information

9.    Shipping method or location

10.  Bank account details

11. Logo if available

12.Refund or return policies

13. About us /company details (Make sure you make this part look authentic and professional as this is the place from where your buyers will get an idea about your business)

Once you have all of the above details at hand, go to and click on the “Sell”. After this, click on “start selling” and you will be directed to the account creation page.

After you are done with the account information page, you will be directed to the seller central page, fill in tax information, etc. remember, you need only one account if you want to sell only in a specific region. And don’t forget to add an extra layer of security to your seller account for extra safety purposes.

How to Choose What Kind of Products to Sell On Amazon?

Choosing what to sell on amazon is very important. Selecting the right product to sell is the key to success. For this purpose, there are multiple tools available to make your search a little easy. Here we are going to review the top 3 tools.


This is an amazing tool to search for low competition keywords from its huge database. It provides access to over 150 million amazon products that you can track and analyze. It updates data daily by using the Amazon API.

Jungle Scout

Jungle scout is also an important tool to identify top-selling products on amazon. It has some really useful features to offer such as the search for crowded products by using keywords. You can narrow down the searches by applying filters. Through product tracker, you can analyze how your competitors are performing.

Helium 10

This is an all in one tool for amazon sellers. Its black box feature provides deep insights into product research and sales velocity. X-ray feature of helium 10 is a chrome extension that works directly from your browser with just one click. Listing optimizer keeps you updated with trending keywords so that you cannot miss any chance to promote your products.

Navigating the Seller Amazon Central Key Dashboard Features

Once you have created the amazon seller central account, you will automatically be directed to the seller dashboard. It has many features such as:

Navigation tabs

through this tab, you will be able to navigate to different options.


you can add items to your inventory and to your product listings.


here you see the inventory you have and make sure you never run out of products.


here you can observe prices of your product and set alerts.


you can observe the orders you are getting from buyers. You can view new, pending and delivered orders here.


you can create amazon PPC campaigns here either manual or automatic.


this option is available to amazon brand registry customers only.


you can view reports of your business such as payments, order, etc.


here you can monitor the feedback left by your customers, their messages, queries, etc.

Choosing a Fulfillment Option

There are only two ways to sell items on Amazon, one is done by you and the other one is called FBA (fulfillment by amazon). If you are a new seller, it is recommended to use the Amazon FBA calculator option where inventory, packaging, and shipping are handled by Amazon. However, if you choose the first fulfillment option, you have to look after each and everything yourself that is from inventory management to packaging and shipping. You will also be responsible to answer all customer queries and manage returns, refunds etc.

Benefits of Using Amazon Central Seller

Improved Control over Products

This is indeed one of the best benefits an amazon seller central account holders have. You can control your products directly and keep a record of all details such as price, shipping, payments, etc.

Availability of Analytics

Amazon seller central accounts have this advantage of analyzing products and reports for free. It shows a much clear picture of what you are selling and how well you are performing.

Buyer’s Confidence

Having a seller account n amazon buys you your customer’s trust as they can see that your products are being “sold by Amazon”. This thing earns your trust and confidence.

Great Advertising Options

You are liable to create better advertising options for your valued customers. Creating amazon advertising campaigns is very easy by using keywords.

Final Thoughts

Amazon seller account is a great tool to use. If you want to excel in online business, never leave a stone unturned. Start by creating an amazon seller account and increase your sales.